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Monday 20th April 2020 


#FashionRevolutionWeek – Why a Fashion Revolution?

930 Introduction to Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution 2020 by Jo Salter
1000 What is Fashion Revolution? Christine Gent from Fashion Revolution (VIP)
1100 Voices – what do we want from a Fashion Revolution?
1200 Panel – Why do we need a Fashion Revolution – moderator Claire Couchman (with Claire Lissaman – Common Objective and Arthur and Henry, Niamh Tuft – Fashion Revolution, Izzy McLeod – blogger and activist) (VIP)
  Lunch (not provided :-))
1330 Worker Diaries Project – Collaboration between Fashion Revolution and Microfinance Opportunities – Guy Stuart an Dani Ortega (Microfinance Opportunities)
1430 Ethical Fashion Brands for Fashion Revolution – why we’re doing this…. Jo Salter, Roberta Lee, Claire Couchman, Tze Ching Yeung
1530 Panel – Big brands and Fashion Revolution – Moderator Georgina Wilson-Powell (with Sarah Montegomery – Everledger, Adam Siegel – Circular Fashion Pledge, Jenny Holloway – Belles of London/Fashion Enter) (VIP)
1700 Wrap up – key points, thank yous and introducing Tuesday – Jo Salter

Tuesday 21st April 2020 

#WhoMadeMyClothes – Clothes with Stories – Transparency

930 Introduction to the day by Claire Couchman
1000 Fashion Transparency Index 2020 by Ilishio Lovejoy from Fashion Revolution (VIP)
1130 Transparency in Fashion – Moderator Jo Salter (with Ilishio Lovejoy – Fashion Revolution, Tai Ford – Retraced, Sarah Montgomery – Everledger, Paola Masperi – Mayamiko, Jenny Allen – Jenerous ) (VIP)
1200 A transparent Brand – Discussion between Brand and Supplier – Jo Salter (Where Does It Come From? UK) talks to Shailini Sheth Amin (Moral Fibre Fabrics India)
1300 Interview with Madhu Vaishnav, founder of Saheli Women enterprise in rural Rajasthan, India
1400 Panel – Monitoring the Workforce (Moderator Tze Ching Yeung , Brian Iselin – slavefreetrade, Sarah Jordan – YOU Underwear, Sophie Slater – Birdsong) (VIP)
1515 The role of government in making fashion better – Tamara Cincik and Kate Auguste
1600 The Catwalk2Creation docuseries directed and produced by award-winning duo Charney Magri and Ramzi Moutran
  Interview with Charney Magri, director of Creation to Catwalk (by Tze Ching Yeung)
1700 Wrap up – key points, thank yous and introducing Wednesday – Claire Couchman

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

#FashionFix – Clothing Repair/Upcycling/Recycling

900 Introduction to the day by Claire Couchman
1000 Fashion and Waste – Heather Poore from Hubbub interviewed by Claire Couchman (VIP)
1100 Live tailoring workshop with Claire Couchman of Couchman Bespoke
1200 Tailoring skills 
1300 Panel – Circular Fashion (Moderator Rachel Kan with Tze Ching Yeung – Jake and Maya, Elly from Take it Up Wear It Out, Jen Gale – Sustainable-ish, Char Bingham-Wallis – From Belo)
1430 Sew Fabulous CIC with Susie Deadman and Susan MacFarlane
1500 Stitch and Bitch
1600 Upcycling – with Elly from Take It Up Wear It Out
1700 Wrap up – key points, thank yous and introducing Thursday – Tze Ching Yeung

Thursday 23rd April 2020 

#WhatsInMyClothes – fibres, fabrics, accessories – how are they impacting people and planet?

930 Introduction to day – Jo Salter
1000 Live – What’s in my Clothes – Jo Salter and Claire Couchman (VIP)
10.45 Organic cotton – An interview with Kapil Shah of Jattan Trust, India – an organisation that promotes the use of organic farming followed by an interview with Medha Shah from Weaverbird, a social enterprise using organic cotton to create clothing. 
1130 Panel – Fibres in my clothes (Moderator Jo Salter – Where Does It Come From?, Catherine Price – Ted and Bessie Alpaca, Jo Godden – Ruby Moon, Sven Segal – Po-Zu Shoes, Sophie Slater – Birdsong)
1230 Understanding the chemicals in Clothes – Rae Ritchie interviews Peter Gorse from Golf Refugees
1315 What is Khadi? Jo Salter interviews Kishore Shah of Khadi London
1400 Traditional Skills – Asha Buch of Khadi London demonstrates hand spinning (5:16) (put with Madhu in one slot)
  Traditional Skills – Madhu Vaishnav of Saheli Women, Rajasthan talks about the importance of embroidery
1430 Plastic in clothes – A viewpoint from Natalie Bennett, former leader of the green party
1515 Panel – Plastic in Clothes (Moderator – Claire Couchman, Rosie Cook – Deakin and Blue, Georgina Wilson-Powell – Pebble Magazine) (VIP)
1630 Panel – Luxury fashion Moderator Roberta Lee, Catherine Price – Ted and Bessie, Harjit Sahohey – Jewelled Buddha, Jenny Allen – Jenerous, Lee Klabin – Lee Klabin design (VIP)
1700 Wrap up – key points, thank yous and introducing Friday

Friday 24th April 2020 

#DigitalStrike – the movement to make fashion better

930 Introduction to the day – Roberta Lee
1000 Activism in Fashion – An interview with Bel Jacobs and Alice Wilby of Extinction Rebellion
1130 From Ethical Fashion Forum to Common Objective – Tamsin Lejeune
1215 Ethical fashion marketing campaigns that have worked – Sian Conway
1430 Panel – Diversity in Fashion (Moderator Izzy McLeod – Blogger and Activist, Kamilah Sanders – Greater than Equal, Alice Holloway – Little Black Pants Club, Fritha Vincent – Secret Projects)
1600 Panel – How Big Brands tackle ethical fashion (Moderator: Claire Couchman – Couchman Bespoke, Adam Siegel – 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge, Kate Auguste – Mi Apparel)
1700 End of day wrap up and thank yous


Saturday 25th April 2020 

#LovedClothesLast – Choosing clothes that you love. Clothing love stories, we all have them!

Speakers include:

Roberta Lee – Ethical Brand Directory and Roberta Style Lee 


10.00 – Introduction to Day 6 of Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution 2020 by Roberta Lee


10.30 –An Introduction to ‘Wearing your Values’ by Roberta Lee, London’s Sustainable Fashion Stylist (VIP)


11.00 – Clothing Love Stories 

Shared stories of love with our clothes – contributed by speakers and participants


12.00 – A journey into Men’s Sustainable Style (VIP)

Roberta Lee interviews Dan Pontarlier, aka Sustainable-Man – professor, Model and partner at Ethical Brand Directory.


12.30 A journey into Women’s Sustainable Style (VIP)

Dan Pontarlier interviews Roberta Lee, AKA London’s Sustainable Stylist and style expert, and founder of Ethical Brand Directory.


13.30 An introduction to Online Clothing Swaps 


1530 Discovering the Stories Behind the Brands – Ethical Brand Directory

Roberta Lee interviews the founders of 5 brands from Ethical Brand Directory to hear the inside stories.


1715 End of Day 6 wrap up and thank yous – Roberta Lee



Sunday 26th April 2020 

#FashionRevolutionFuture – What are the next steps in making fashion better?

930 Introduction to Day 6 by Tze Ching Yeung

1000 How do we make fashion better? Natalie Bennett, former leader of the UK Green Party (VIP)

1130 Ethical Fashion Brands behind the scenes….

1215 Fashion Revolution – Rachel Kan holds a discussion with ethical fashion experts on what fashion brands can do differently

1330 Interview with Lucy Siegle about COVID 19 impacts on the garment workers and her new podcast with Livia Firth (VIP)

1415 Dominique Muller from Labour Behind the Label on their campaign on COVID 19 and garment workers (VIP)

1500 Panel – Culture Change (VIP)
Moderator Jo Salter Where Does It Come From?,
Laura Cave – Just Trade and BAFTS,
Georgina Wilson-Powell – Pebble Magazine,
Jen Gale – Sustainableish 

1600 Thought Leadership – Sian Conway discusses the subject with Ethical Hour hour ethical fashion leaders

1700 Wrap up and Thank yous – bring a glass of something and join us to celebrate the close of Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution 2020